Friday, May 27, 2005

That special ingredient

When I visit family after a long time, I find that no matter how much we've changed, love finds a medium in food. What would you like to have, they ask shortly after I've unpacked my bags. Tell us all your favourite foods. What would you like to have for lunch? For dinner? For breakfast? In between? Between the two tea breaks between lunch and dinner? And what would you like to drink with each meal? Mango shake? Banana shake? Pepsi? A special recipe? No, don't have just one, have more. And then have one more!

How much love can one take? In this matter, I've learnt today, it is best to exercise some restraint. No more blogging till tomorrow. I'm recovering from love.


Anonymous said...

Recovering from love - never heard that before.


Sibyl said...

There are those who can break all rules of cooking and yet infuse even the simplest of foods with flavour.
In Tamil Nadu, such people are said to have "kai-manam"--a Tamil phrase meaning a fragrance of the hand.

But you're right, it's probably just love.