Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Storyboard Treatment: Sunglasses

Dressed in a salwar-khameez, she walks across a road carrying a notebook. She drops it accidentally. In the distance a car appears. It is a slow car and will take 35 minutes to reach her. She bends for the book and notices the car. Still 34 minutes to go. But there is horror on her face now. There's no way she can avoid it. No, in the 34 minutes left she will remain frozen to her spot, shielding herself from the inevitable nudge. Quick cuts follow, signifying action of some sort, and we assume the worst.

Cut to a hospital. She lies in bed with a bandage wrapped across her eyes. The doctors unwrap it slowly, as we grow more anxious, bursting with sympathy for this flower. Yes, it turns out she is blind. So she must wear Sunglasses. Big bulky ones that look like two black television screens. A lover places them over her eyes and leaves in tears. Another man enters her life, but she is doomed to blindness. Nothing can be done. Or can it? After sharing life for a while, he pays for her operation and she can see again. Such kindness. Now she will never leave him. Or will she? Her old lover appears at her doorstep one day with a rose, catching her and her new boyfriend off-guard. She rushes forth with her passions to reunite with her former lover.

The end.


hemangini said...

slow day on the desk?
missing old job?

Rahul Bhatia said...


The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

hey ive seen this movie in tamil! are u remaking it in hindi? malikka sherawat would be perfect!

|| sbk || said...

The song is even worse... it's something like "kab tak yaad karun main tujhko...something something something.." YUCK!!

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