Monday, May 21, 2007

Old people

It's like they've zapped all the old people, a friend recently said of Andheri, where I live. It's somewhat true. Where are they? It's an unsettling thought. Older people - the sight of them - gives a place age, as if it has been there for a while, as if what it is built on is strong and lasting. Here there is the furious activity associated with making money, but there is nobody to say "we've seen this before". Of course they're around somewhere, doing something. But they're not outdoors, on the streets, where they can be. This place unsettles me. I'll be old someday. Will that be it, then?

Three words that strike fear in to the heart of this journalist

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why I love Stardust

Two lines from an interview:

Interviewer: What's your take on one-night stands?
Gul Panag: It depends on where you stand.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mystery from the deep

When a road is dug up, and left in that very state for months, two questions arise: when will it be re-laid, and why is it taking so long? Had we a single road on which to linger, perhaps an answer would be easy to find. This place, though, has no easy answers. Everywhere something is being dug up, like competing excavation projects, slowing down time. Why this happens is shrouded in mystery, but for a hunch: The digs involve pipes and cables. What else could they be? To speed up a service or one medium of transportation, another must be brought to a grinding halt. This is a city of limited bandwidth.

I have to know this strange thing built under Bombay, the thing below tearing up the land above as the price of renewal.