Thursday, May 12, 2005

Courage the cowardly dog

An extract from Joshua Doder's book for children, A Dog Called Grk:
Most of the verbs are irregular. Half the idioms make no sense. The [Stanislavian] dictionary is full of words which are almost impossible to translate into any other language.

'Grk' is one of those words. There isn't one single word in English which means exactly the same as 'grk'. To translate it, you would need at least three words, and probably more. In a rough translation, 'grk' means brave, generous and foolish, all at the same time. You would use the word 'grk' to describe a warrior who lost his life in the service of a noble but rather pointless cause.

When Natascha Raffifi was given a tiny puppy by her parents, she thought that he looked very brave, very generous and a tiny bit foolish. So she called him Grk.

Read the whole thing here, at the Guardian.

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