Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Losing a day

From a lucid Pico Iyer essay on the disorientation that is part of travel:

I get off a plane, 17 hours out of joint, and tell naked secrets to a person I know I don't trust. A friend starts talking about her days - her plans, her friends, the things she wants to do - and tears start welling in my eyes, in a restaurant. I can't sleep at night (because I've been sleeping in the day), and so I try to go through my routine, as I might in the daylight world. But I write the wrong name on the uncharacteristically emotional letter. I shower the stranger with endearments. When the lady at the bank offers me a $3,000 credit for the $30,000 cheque I've given her (a large part of my yearly income), I smile and say, 'Have a nice day'.
Catch the rest of it at the Guardian.

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Anand said...

Travel for a shorter time has similar effects--cat naps, lapses in concentration--all save the secrets deluge to strangers