Monday, July 25, 2005

A thousand cuts

5pm to 7pm daily. Anytime between 9am and 7pm. Anytime from 12am to 11.59pm. Take your chances, and avoid escalators, roller coasters and blogging directly in the Blogger interface during this time. The electricity is moody here, plunging towns into darkness.

We in Bombay are so lucky. No electricity even for a few hours inconveniences you in ways you can only begin to comprehend. If not directly, then certainly indirectly. You grow patient, and resign to fate. The pace slows, expectations begin to lower gradually. Bit by bit you are eroded until you fall in line.

Power empowers. No power, well, and you're in the dark.


Anonymous said...

Outside of Bombay, its a way of life. For this amazing comfort in Bombay we got the TATA's to thank. They laid out the power supply chain a century ago, via check dams and power gneeration stations in the western ghats and we today reap the benifits.

Anonymous said...

The current incidents in Bombay when compared to this post must now seem like cruel irony.
Was in Malaysia when the tsunami hit and can partly attest to the confusion that reigns when no one really knows exactly what's happening.
Just wondering... these chain of events - these natural disasters - is the planet letting off steam with all the pressure we're putting on it and the years of natural resource abuse.