Monday, July 25, 2005

Cow ear

Early morning an ST bus leaves Ratnagiri for Panjim. Sometime later that day another bus might leave from Panjim to the Karnataka coast. That's what this trip has been like: a whole bunch of maybes and what ifs (what if I visit the snakes, not the beach?). If I get to Karnataka, finding Gokarna might be easy. Two things, though. There's a flood watch in Goa, and Gokarna might not have a working internet connection, as was the case at Mahabaleshwar, Alibag, Ganapatipule and other places. Some places people looked all funny and repeated 'internet' like it was a disagreeable animal. Anyway.

Oh, so probably no more crazy blogging until Bombay. And Gokarna is 'cow ear'.

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hemangini said...

Gokarna is very easy to find. And so is Om beach. Pl add 'mail this post to a friend' links beneath your posts?