Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Silent Nikhil

Untie the knots of complication, and you are left with a single truth. It is a thing to strive for, that state of calm. But to gain simplicity is laborious, and though its rewards are apparent, it is an effort that few strive for. As Amit and I left the theater after watching 'My Brother Nikhil', I wondered whether simplicity and sensibility were the reasons I liked this movie. Indians, it has been reputed, are a colourful lot. And our movies reflect and reinforce that assumption. But colour, or indeed everthing, is what you make of it. In that way, this is a vivid tale told subtly. Its message is large, but told softly. It has its filmi moments, nowhere more so than when the neighbourhood realises Nikhil has contracted AIDS, but it otherwise tells a tale that few have described.

It's a pretty good film.

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