Saturday, April 30, 2005

Food claustrophobia

Is there a thing such as food claustrophobia? I would think so, for I feel it strongly in Andheri while flipping through menus. It feels as if cuisines are closing in, with dosas and idlis from the south and paneer makhanwala and vegetable kolapuri from the north advancing towards each other. From the east come Chinese and Thai food, with local flavours and masalas added to their ranks until they reach Bombay under the guise of paneer manchurian and green curry with gobi. Felafels and kebabs arrive from the Arabia with sauces that I swear weren't part of the menu in Dubai. The Big Mac travels from further away, with more intent and organisation, and India gulps and regugitates it in the form of the Maharaja Mac and fries without the beef lining.

I guess this has much to do with the availability and expense of authentic ingredients. But still. Authentic food would be nice in this place, Andheri, which takes pride in the number of restaurants situated here.

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Rahul Bhatia said...

Whoops. I assumed it was from the north because I found it under the 'North Indian' section in some menus.

Thanks for that Bhushan.