Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Guess why you have asthma?

The subject of past lives was best left to 70s Rishi Kapoor movies, I had always thought. Then today, a psychologist friend mentioned something interesting: regressive therapy. This therapy is used in extreme cases (as I understood it). It involves hypnosis, under which the patient reaches back to a previous life. "This way," the friend said, "we have uncovered that people who suffer from asthma in this life were suffocated in a previous one."

She raised her eyebrows higher than I had mine, emphasising that even if I didn't believe her, it was true. "It's been tried and tested. It's not an Indian device. A westerner devised this method and now many of us use it. But Indians are wary of being hypnotised, so it's more common abroad."


Anonymous said...

There's a book called Many Masters Many Lives - read it - it talks about regression therapy in great detail. There are a lot of things in life that seem like they belong on the Sci Fi channel, but then again, where does the sci fi channel get it's inspiration from? Real life....
BTW - I want to meet this friend of yours - would love to have a session. Next time i'm in Bombay ok. Hopefully that won't be too long.

. said...

Precisely. We find justification, solace and validation in a seemingly 'exotic' or Indian concept being widely accepted in Western culture.
Is regressive therapy not used to bring out any suppresed memories? is it used only for reaching into past lives???