Monday, December 20, 2004

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow

After work, a few friends and I unwound at a play. 'Aap ki Sonia' followed the same premise as 'Tumhari Amrita'. A correspondence between the protagonists unfolded before us. Letters bursting with despise were gradually replaced by puzzled milder ones, and then realisation and understanding before love and sorrow overwhelmed every other emotion. A man died and a daughter discovered an unknown mother before exploring her own depths to find herself. The curtains went down, but questions still held stage. Do humans require upheaval, I wondered, for great changes to take place? Or can they occur even when waters are still?

My waters were placid when I walked down for a sandwich. But fate, I suspect, conspires against an unwavering state of existence. I met someone on the way down. We spoke as old friends with fond memories do, trading stories of our lives, making up for vanished time. We both had known for years that only memories up to a certain point need be recollected - a custom we obeyed without question. But when she waved goodbye, a ripple disturbed the calm surface.

However, the waters run deep, and deep down flows a tumultuous current with no known path. Perhaps it is in our interest that there are no paths. Our lives are uncharted that way. But when, come to think of it, did a chart of life turn out to be accurate? So are we all floundering in a current where the pull is subtle yet powerful? And does this mean we should forfeit all hope and stop swimming?

ps. 'Tumhari Amrita' was better. The dialogue flowed well.

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