Tuesday, December 21, 2004

If not now, when?

Somewhere in Borivali is an old man whose name I have written in my writing pad, but whose number I did not take because I was sceptical about his story. A story of him and many other freedom fighters who had not been paid 2000 rupees a month for several years by the government. He must be 85 now. I tried the directory to find his number, but the operator said no one by that name lived in the area. They're wrong. He lives there.

Today I saw a man give up his cushy job in the US to return to India and make a difference. It was the premise of a beautiful movie. The movie was based on fact. Two men built a dam by themselves to provide electricity to a village.

I'm 25, educated and single. If not now, when?

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Dhruv Deepak said...

the gitas of this world wont run after ya forever :D!