Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back where we belong

Last year, confused with html, I moved this blog from here to a wordpress platform at But it never quite felt right. Shortening a name that served me well seemed to make less and less sense over time and, in an irrational way, it never truly felt mine. So here it is, back where it belongs, where the vibrations feel right.

Much has changed since last year. Writing has become less intimidating, if not easier. I've discovered armchair opinion like never before. A few things have helped. For one, the narrow focus of my life widened from writing to include other creative pursuits, such as creating music. Soon I'll put up a sample or two. There's a short screenplay I wrote, currently being revised. There's another on the way.

Working on many projects simultaneously has helped focus my attention, for the limited time I can give them each day is all I can manage before the mind wanders. More importantly, and surely I've jinxed myself now, the last half year has been tremendous fun. This blog will reflect the change. I hope you'll keep visiting.

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shakester said...

ok, shifting feeds.
re: grch vs greenchannel, agree.