Sunday, August 26, 2007

Taking sidhu seriously

NDTV has a credibility problem. It's most apparent on their inane cricket show when Sidhu leans forward, closes his eyes, raises a hand or two, and his lips part. The drama begins even before the words emerge, and he knows it. Last Sunday, Sidhu reached out through the cameras, stressing to people that the cricketers who left the BCCI did it for money. Since he is the channel's go-to guy, their in-house spokesperson on cricket, it's fair to assume the channel agrees with his excited views.

But the man's an empty shell, carried this way and that by the stronger wave that moment. This hurts NDTV, but they believe it's a hurt they can bear. They get the theatre they want at the expense of truth, and so they raise him, this magnet for attention, and by association lend his other endeavours a certain approval. I can't wait for the day he blows up.


Anonymous said...

Cmon he's not that bad. I've seen a lot more hypocritical people on other channels, talk pretty much garbage suited to their vested interests.

"and by association lend his other endeavours a certain approval".....Like what? I your referring to the road rage, it was a genuine accident for which he will goto jail at some point. Whypunish him by not leting him offer his expertise on cricket?

Rahul Bhatia said...

By 'association', I mean that people tend to associate the reputation of a former cricketer or anyone for that matter with their other professions, however bad they may be at it. For example, wouldn't you say that Kapil Dev's reputation as a cricketer may lead people to believe that he will make a good coach? So goes Sidhu's cricket and his politics.

Not for a moment did I suggest that Sidhu should be prevented from imparting wisdom. Just that NDTV might not be the right platform for him, given the channel's stated aim.

Would you not agree that cutting the crap in news channels is a worthy idea? Sidhu's is but one case, but he's as good a place to start as any other.