Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What about Hritik Roshan?

Oh critics may love Helen Mirren's depiction of the Queen, but have they watched Dhoom 2, the most frickin devastating use of three hours in which Roshan plays the Queen (and fools her security entourage even though the mask he's wearing is clearly from the Yashraj Halloween props department) , a bearded guy, and, to top it all, is the duniya ka sabse cool chor, aur uske "saath khelne mein bahut maza aayega"?


Anonymous said...

Hehe. *Sigh* the talent and versatility of the guy. I hope the PMO realises the potential for Indian infiltration of the British High Command here. N y wont Beta let me publish comments here is beyond me!

Vijeta said...

Did'ya really did'nt like Hritik in 36 different facets..? I think this ,has got me a crush on him. Could'nt commented!