Thursday, August 10, 2006


The second season of Lost, one of the greatest shows ever, begins with survivors setting off from the island on a raft to find civilization. Some hours later they are barely alive and adrift, clinging to tattered remains after an encounter with another boat. As the boat appears at first there is hope, these are the first unfamiliar faces they have seen for a long time. But within minutes a survivor's child is kidnapped and an explosive is detonated on board the survivors' vessel. On the island a hatch is discovered, and one by one people lower themselves into it, knowing fully that what awaits them at the bottom is not wholly pleasant. It is one of Lost's defining features: we know and relish the fact that no danger deters the survivors. They may pause for thought and consider what lies around the corner, but will always hurtle into what is inevitably an escalated level of evil.

Next Thursday can't come soon enough. More on this later.


Anonymous said...

Man, you should check out the podcasts this group of guys do on the Lostcasts.

They delve deep into the tiny hints and details and give the background of history or mythology to some of the names and references. And they get loads of tips and info from fans all over, including techhies who analyze things like Walt speaking backwards. They're truly excellent.

Here's the URL:

Sonia Faleiro said...

Great tip, Maria. I'll check it out. And R, don't know how to break it to ya, but I have season 2 on DVD. :)

Anonymous said...

Rahul, Season 3 of Lost will soon begin here (usa) can't wait! But I won't break the suspense of season 2 to you. It's truly spellbinding!

This was once a regular blog but, after six said...

Ha! It's not often I come across another LOST fan in India. I too have seen most of Season 2 on's freely available in most places (piated, though) and watching it without commercials is the best part of all.

cellardoor said...

OMG - love lost!!!! i have seen both seasons 1 and 2. s2 is just about rapping up here in england (but i was lucky enough to catch it as soon as it came out in the US -thanks 2 my brother). anyway it can only get better.
I won't tell u what happenes in the end - i already made myself unpoular at work by giving away the ending.

BTW - Have just finished watching PRISON BREAK. if u love LOST, check this out 2. S2 of PB has just begun screening in US, so i cant w8 2 catch it asap.
Wentwoth miller is the best!!