Monday, March 06, 2006

An empty room

The empty room's prospective inhabitants study the afternoon light, guess the arc of the sun, inhale the room’s scent, familiarize their mind with walls and open spaces. They decide upon the method of transformation, for just as the mind needs a readjustment with new places to make them personal, so do spaces need alteration to fall in line with the mind’s eye. How do we make this space us, they ask. It must be unique, they decide, or it will not be us. It must speak of us, it must speak to us, and over time even in silence it will connect with us.

So what is it to be, they ask each other? Then takes place a negotiation involving words and body language. They may not understand the other but will try to. There will be the slightly surprising realization that dream homes consist of shared ideas. Talks will continue, and the empty space will be mentally altered until it nearly satisfies both dreamers. Between the two something new is born. A new way of looking. An empty room has given it life because from empty rooms spring conscious dreams, which always reveal. The two have seen something new about each other, and perhaps themselves, in the negotiations. Mental notes have been made. Things have been understood – the sort that words cannot elucidate.

The room is bare, but it is still full with interaction. This first empty room is as revealing as hours of conversation.


Anonymous said...

dear dreamer, this one's beautiful. guess that's why I come to your blog - because you put in words all that is not putinwordable!

Rahul Bhatia said...

That's very kind of you. Thanks.

And thanks for the comment on the last post too.

Anonymous said...

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