Thursday, March 31, 2005

The blogger who didn't

The effects of this sordid infection are finally wearing off. Which means:

a) The quarantine is over.
b) I will finally bask in sunlight (Not for too long, though, because there might be a relapse).
c) Normal blogging can resume.
d) I will travel to Meerut, Kanpur and New Delhi 12 days from now for the last two matches.

I'm especially thrilled about the trip because it means seeing A New Place. From all accounts, Kanpur can't hold a candle to Lucknow culturally and Meerut is now renowned as much for its smog as its place in history. But there are markets to see and a graveyard to visit (in Meerut). As for New Delhi, I had planned to wander the area the day after the game but since President Musharraf is visiting, there might be related stories to write. So Open Ticket can finally open!

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