Wednesday, January 19, 2005

She died of what?!

Kokilaben Kadakia, the 77-year old lady who appeared on the last page of The Times of India (TOI) - India's favourite tabloid - only three days ago, is dead. The snap showed her getting ready to participate in the Mumbai marathon. I heard the news disbelievingly. Apparently she ran the marathon. She didn't look like the kind of 77-year old who'd run. More the type who'd take a stroll and retire to the side. Apparently not.

I discuss this with a friend who's taking a rather fatalistic view of life these days. I say it's stupid to run at that age. He nods. But he continues nodding and looks into the distance. He's got that 'there-is-more-to-life-than-meets-the-eye' look about him. Still looking into the distance, he continues nodding and says, "Poor thing. This is what happens when someone casts the evil eye."

Science sure gets a bum rap these days.

Update - 11:15 am:
TOI has carried a story quoting her doctor saying that she ran on her own, and did not tell him about her intention because she knew he would have advised her against it. But TOI has its own take on the matter. The article concludes with, "Mumbai bows its head and salutes your spirit, Kokilaben."

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