Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Umm, pavements please?

The Times of India has a news report on a recently-married woman being run over by a private bus. Her husband refuses to talk. But the local residents "blame the police for the accidents. They claim the traffic cops posted on Paltan Road do not take any action against illegal parking and private buses, which create most of the traffic problems."

People have no business being on roads. Unless proper pavements and subways are provided, there will always be more deaths. Where does one walk if there's no sidewalk?

Update: Never accuse the Times of India of sentimentality. Or sense. Here's their Times City Quiz question, only three columns away from the report of the accident:

Where did Tuesday's accident occur?

A: Gorai
B: Sanpada
C: Palton Road

To participate SMS TCQ to 8888...Participate and win great prizes. Three correct lucky winners get Provogue gift vouchers worth Rs 500.

Perhaps they'll hire an editor someday. Perhaps we'll have pavements someday.


vAgue said...

I don't know about Palton Road, but it is also terribly common (besides seeing roads without pavements) to see pavements without pedestrians.

People walk on the side of the sidewalk, pavement are paved with hawkers, the footpath sees few feet. Either way, there is no implementation.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Rahul, I caught that quiz too. Forget pavements and such like, the hell with women being run over, give me my Provogue voucher dammit!