Friday, June 17, 2005

That time of the month again

Magazine closing.


shakester said...

darn I miss WAC.
does leslie matthew exist on the web? Online, I can;t get a lot of the features- the Shoaib Monitor, for one!
(harsha's column, the crossword/diamond,, actually, shouldn;t start a list here...

Rahul said...

I wish I could soften the blow, but no, there's no chance of getting Les on the web. I know what you mean. The Shoaib Monitor - shouldn't really be admitting this - is my favourite regular part of the mag.

Which part of the world are you in? Perhaps something could be worked out. Mail me.

Anonymous said...

You can subscribe to WAC abroad. I do that here in US. Its awesome. You get it around 12th to 13 th day of the month, but its worth the wait.
Harshas columns in WAC are not available on the web. Leslie is awesome.
Here is my list:
Greg Chappell's column on batting
Sanjay Manjarekar (I know its not a brilliant piece of writing, but the honesty touches you), and of course the cricinfo gang.. Samit, Rahul Bhattacharya, Amit and Rahul.. That magzine kicks ass.

The evening I get it in my hands, I end up reading from the last page to the first (yeah I start with Harshas column)