Friday, February 01, 2008


Juno gets in. Yep, there's no stopping them now.


Confusious said...

I didnt like Juno,
Do teens like this exist? her parents take it so well that it should be in the fantasy section. Or it maybe that i am clueless about the American teen.

Rahul said...

You're not alone in your understanding of teenagers, American or otherwise. I've seen American bulletin boards where people wondered whether teens like Juno exist, so perhaps she's a rare thing. What about it did you not like?

Juno's easily a chip off the block for me. Those parents are coo-ool. It was the pregnancy scene that did it for me, especially the exchange after Juno goes upstairs. They didn't lose it with her, which was such a brilliant change from the usual comedic flaring up that other movie parents would do. The humour was so subtle, which I thoroughly enjoyed.