Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Circus: Conversations

There is a wedding in the family. Twenty to thirty relatives are expected within the next five days. This is a good thing and a bad thing. It will mean saying goodbye to solitude for a little while, and it almost certainly means no decent writing can happen, but they will bring with them plenty of blogging material. Some of them are blogging material. The match-maker aunt, for instance. Wonderful lady, but if she smiles at you, it's because she has found you a match. There's an uncle so devastatingly unremarkable, we remember him by the bit role (2 seconds long) he had in a film. There are others, oh, there are others.

So we'll start off the 'Circus' series with a delightful back-and-forth that took place over the phone earlier today. These are the last three lines of a long conversation between a tired and screaming relative and the shopkeeper from whom she bought her faulty shoes:

"Couldn't you call and tell me this?! Why did I have to call you?!"

"You didn't give us your number. You said..."