Thursday, December 22, 2005

SG and other balls

I'm baffled. Over the last week several people have come across this blog while searching for the difference between the SG cricket ball and the Kookaburra ball. I'm curious why there's been this spurt in traffic, especially from the US. Does anyone know?

In any case, you'll find a more detailed explanation in this piece I had done for Wisden Asia Cricket.


Srivaths said...

Err, isn't it obvious? The Sri Lankans have been going on about how they prefer the Kookaburra to the SG, and the SG's prominent seam helping Harbhajan more than Murali and yada yada.

Rahul said...

Srivaths, the thought had crossed my mind, but over fifty people have showed up here in the past two days with that query, while I recall the complaint was made some time ago.

√úbermaniam said...

Finished your book? Thought you had taken off to write one. And not worry about money and similar such pipe-dreams. Then again, that's just my pipe-dream. Cheers