Saturday, August 13, 2005

No other travel writers

In his story on Indian writing in the Guardian, this portion of William Dalrymple's essay caught my attention:

"Earlier this year, Suketu Mehta published what is without doubt the best travel book published by an Indian author in recent years: Maximum City, his remarkable study of Bombay. But Mehta's achievement only highlights the absence of any real competition, for with the notable exceptions of Naipaul and Pankaj Mishra, and one book each by Seth and Ghosh, there are no other Indian travel writers."

It's true. But I'd add that some writers, who aren't professional writers, or even travel writers, pull off a piece every now and then which, with a few tweaks, is decent travel writing. Still, no travel writers. Yet.


arzan said...

From the way you have been writing, I dont think the day is too far when we will have one.

Lage raho...Bhatia saab!!

Roshan said...