Monday, February 14, 2005

Congratulations! You have won a...

My junk mail inbox is tormenting me with objects of desire. This is possibly the lowest form of advertising - which is saying something; free things that aren't free: ipods, cash prizes, holidays, etc etc. They offer dating tips. They offer a stunning way to improve my room. They offer to help me meet up with the woman of my dreams. There's also a very curious-looking, but thoroughly apt 'stop looking for a sign, it's right here'.

The junk mail isn't going to stop because that anti-spam regulation clearly isn't a global one. Meanwhile, does anyone want to consolidate their debt into mortgage?


|| sbk || said...

Not to forget the free porn they mail....Really??! What are they thinking??! How is "Increase your p*n*s size!" gonna help me!!!???

Blogger said...

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